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Well done to Bob Morris who wins fish of the month for March. He banked the 1st big catfish of the season on Tuscany Lake weighing in at 68lb.


A free session is his.

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Andy and I are pleased to announce that the new look Daughters Lake will be open on Friday 5th January. As most of you will know it has been closed since mid November so we could conduct extensive works on it and turn it into our 2nd carp lake. 
During these works we drained and netted the lake and removed all species apart from the carp. The fish we removed were distributed into other lakes on the fishery. Any F1 and smaller carp under 5/6lb were also moved.
We cut back all overhanging branches as well as removing all overhanging brambles and reeds from the far margins.
We have also put in designated numbered swims with sleepers and...

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We would like to introduce to you 5 of the new residents of Snipe Lake. We had 15 of these stunning fish from V.S Fisheries delivered today. They range from just under 14lb to 17lb. These fish are not yet 5 years old and will pile on the weight over the next few years. As usual these fish were weighed, photographed and micro-chipped by us so we can keep an eye on their growth rates. The Snipe Lake population now stands at 55 carp, which for a 2 acre lake offers the fish plenty of room to grow and lead a healthy life, while keeping the angler thinking
We will as usual expect all fishery rules to be adhered to so the welfare of each and...

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Great  news, 

We now have a Youtube channel for you to have a look at. It features quick vidos of some of our lakes and ponds as well as a few capture videos. It is a work in progress so have a look and let us know what you think.

Please bear in mind we are Fishery Officers and not movie producers/directors.......