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We at Beaver Fishery are considering, for the 1st time about launching an exclusive Membership scheme to run for a year from 1st Sept 2019. Over the years we have been asked by a few anglers if this is something we would do. After the success of the Winter Ticket we ran for the last two years, we are excited to see what interest and feedback we receive. The Membership Ticket would offer unlimited fishing for 12 months, a discount on bait and tackle in our on-site shop and other promotions throughout the year. The cost we are looking at would be £250 for adults or £100 for Seniors/Juniors/Disabled. Over the next few weeks we would like...

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Well done to Alex Teatherton who wins Fish of the Month for July. Not only his 1st time on Tuscany, but his 1st time fishing for Cats. Banking 5 fish from 20lb up to a very nice pb of 58-04. Happy Days, some free fishing is yours. Here are 4 of the cats he banked.



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Summer Holiday Junior Fishing Promotion

As we are always keen to promote and see youngsters on the bank, Beaver Fishery are pleased to announce that during the Summer School Holidays, we are offering  a special deal to encourage more of the next generation to get off their X Box and out on the bank. Till the end of the Summer Holidays a paying day ticket adult can bring down a Junior angler and they can fish for free from 7am till 7pm. It’s a good excuse for the Parents or Grandparents to get out the house and spend some time with the kids doing something you all enjoy. Whether it’s their 1st time or they are already anglers,...

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Ben and I are very pleased to announce that we have taken delivery of over 1000 new F1`s and stocked them into Maze Lake. Maze Lake has been fishing hard recentley so the owners have invested into the fishery once again, continuing our on going improvements to the fishery. 
We believe that this new stock will make a massive difference to not only the matches we have on Maze Lake but for all day anglers too. 
Thank you to Jason and Erika who own and run Babylon Fish Farm for supplying us with these stunning looking fish.
We all at Beaver Fishery hope you will have an enjoyable time coming down to...

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Ben and I are pleased to announce that we have teamed up with the Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme. The ANLRS is run on a purely voluntary basis and working with fisheries, tackle shops and anglers hopefully they can encourage us all to re-cycle our old fishing line.
We have 3 bins in our on site tackle shop, for Mono, Braid or Fluorocarbon so if you have any old line we encourage you to use it next time you visit us.


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After the heartbreak of having to close the lake and losing some of the stock during the unprecedented summer heat wave Andy and I are pleased to announce that once again the fishery has invested in some stunning new stock.
The new mirrors that were introduced range between 9-13lb. We had already removed some of the smaller stock in the spring so Daughters Lake will now hold a stock of around 90 carp including ghosties, commons and mirrors to mid doubles and grass carp to low 20`s.
With the progressive growth rates of the 2017 stocked carp and these new carp it will certainly be a lake for now and the future.
Here`s to a cooler and...

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We would like to introduce to you 5 of the new residents of Snipe Lake. We had 15 of these stunning fish from V.S Fisheries delivered today. They range from just under 14lb to 17lb. These fish are not yet 5 years old and will pile on the weight over the next few years. As usual these fish were weighed, photographed and micro-chipped by us so we can keep an eye on their growth rates. The Snipe Lake population now stands at 55 carp, which for a 2 acre lake offers the fish plenty of room to grow and lead a healthy life, while keeping the angler thinking
We will as usual expect all fishery rules to be adhered to so the welfare of each and...