Meet The Bailiffs

Hello, my name is Andy and i am the fishery manager at Beaver Fishery. I have been working here since 2007 and i can assure you that no two days are the same, whether it be helping a youngster catch his first ever fish or netting a stock pond when the water is icy cold.

I am an avid angler who enjoys all types of fishing from specimen fish to fly fishing an immitation dog biscuit for small carp off the surface on Jeffs Lake.. I am always willing to give you any advice or help you need to catch a fish. I have always believed that it it not always about the size of fish you catch, its the excitement of trying to catch a fish. Some of my favourite fish have been caught by stalking around, watching the fishes behaviour before it takes the bait into its mouth from under my rod tip. I also have a youtube channel called Andy`s Carpy Diaries in which i have vlogged my fishing from Jan 2018. I started these vlogs to show people that even with my knowledge of the lakes here at Beaver Fishery fishing can be hard sometimes, so i have covered all the blanks and hard times as well as the good times.

Here are a few of my favourite pictures.


Hello, my name is Ben and i have been with Beaver for over 20 years working on the aquatic plant company but from 1st September 2015 i will be working with Andy on a full time basis. Some of you may have already met me when i have been covering for Andy over the last year or so. I am an avid carp angler and will always assist you in any way i can.