Fish Care

All at Beaver Fishery believe that fish care is of the utmost importance as we are sure you do too so we require all anglers to be carrying the correct equipment. All anglers must have a landing net, a suitable sized un-hooking mat and of course barbless hooks. If you are planning to fish our specimen lakes you will also need some sort of carp care kit too. All fish must be returned to the water promptly so have your camera ready before you need to use it. Removal of watches or bracelets is also recommended as they may scratch the fish whilst holding it. Any fish must not be held whilst standing up and when photographing a fish, anglers must be in a kneeling position. Also please make sure your un-hooking mat is wet, especially on warmer days. There is no sacking of fish so you can get a better picture at first light, ensure you have a camera with a sufficient flash for night time shots. Whilst you are waiting for that rod to scream off, use that time to have everything ready.