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Andy and I are pleased to announce that the new look Daughters Lake will be open on Friday 5th January. As most of you will know it has been closed since mid November so we could conduct extensive works on it and turn it into our 2nd carp lake. 
During these works we drained and netted the lake and removed all species apart from the carp. The fish we removed were distributed into other lakes on the fishery. Any F1 and smaller carp under 5/6lb were also moved.
We cut back all overhanging branches as well as removing all overhanging brambles and reeds from the far margins.
We have also put in designated numbered swims with sleepers and woodchip for comfort and placed white marker posts on the far margins as a guide to indicate where each anglers water starts and ends. Hopefully this will improve the catch rates and prevent any arguments between anglers making our life a bit easier lol. There are now seven swims on Daughters Lake including two in front of the chalet.
Most exciting of all is that the owners have invested into the fishery again and this enabled us to get in touch with our friends at V.S Fisheries who supplied us with 35 stunning fast growing C3 mirror carp. These fish have an average size at stocking of 9lb but with us reducing the bio mass and our continuing lime/chalk treatment of our lakes the fish should really pile on the pounds.
Daughters Lake now holds a stock of around 120 carp with weights ranging from 6lb to low twenties and has a good mix of commons, mirrors, ghosties and grass carp.
We have also had new signs made for the lake which include a few new rule changes, please be sure to read them before fishing as fish welfare is our main priority.
We look forward to seeing you on the bank in 2018.


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